Will Java Project Loom affect Scala and Akka?

I have been following Project Loom for some time now, but more recently Project Loom: Next Level Java - Daniel Hinojosa and Modern, Scalable Concurrency for the Java Platform.

Project Loom remedies many of the shortcomings of Java Concurrency… shortcomings that Scala, Akka, and other Reactive Frameworks addressed. However, now that these shortcomings are being fixed, will these Reactive Frameworks be refactored to use Virtual Threads and eliminate duplication of effort, thereby improving separation of concerns, such that said Frameworks can better focus on what they are good at, such as abstraction? :thinking:

Can anyone point me to interesting articles or discussions on how Project Loom may affect Scala, Akka, and other Reactive thinking?

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Have you seen https://blog.softwaremill.com/will-project-loom-obliterate-java-futures-fb1a28508232?