Why the type inference failed of inline method?

I have asked this question in stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/76440083/why-the-type-inference-failed-of-inline-method, and run it here.

I have no idea why the f2 does not compile.

trait Base

trait Schema[T <: Base]:
    given Schema[T] = this

class Sub1 extends Base

object Sub1 extends Schema[Sub1]

class Sub2 extends Base

object Sub2 extends Schema[Sub2]

trait Container[T <: Base]

object Container:
    import scala.compiletime.erasedValue

    object C1 extends Container[Sub1]
    object C2 extends Container[Sub2]

    def f1[T <: Base : Schema]: Container[T] = summon[Schema[T]] match
        case Sub1 => C1
        case Sub2 => C2

    inline def f2[T <: Base]: Container[T] = inline erasedValue[T] match
        case _: Sub1 => C1
        case _: Sub2 => C2