Why scala 3 is installed instead of scala 2

I am following the documentation, specifically this passage:

Currently, cs setup installs the Scala 2 compiler and runner (the scalac and scala commands, respectively). This is usually not an issue because most projects use a build tool that works with both Scala 2 and Scala 3. Nevertheless, you can install the Scala 3 compiler and runner as command-line tools by running the following additional commands:

$ cs install scala3-compiler
$ cs install scala3

I did cs setup

Checking if a JVM is installed
Found a JVM installed under /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home.

Checking if ~/Library/Application Support/Coursier/bin is in PATH

Checking if the standard Scala applications are installed
  Installed ammonite
  Installed cs
  Installed coursier
  Installed scala
  Installed scalac
  Found sbt
  Found sbtn
  Installed scalafmt

and instead of the expected version 2 I got version 3 ! Why? Moreover, coursier was already installed on my system. sbt was found and coursier not. Why?

scala -version
Scala code runner version 3.1.1 -- Copyright 2002-2022, LAMP/EPFL

How do I install version 2? Do I need to remove version 3 or they can co-exist?

After several days fighting with basic installations, “Hello World” not working and many glitches, I just would like to ask you how to clean up everything, and install anew sbt, coursier, and scala 2?

Well, you had those executable from before, no idea how you installed them so no idea how to remove them.

Also, coursier mentions at the end that you need to add a line to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc and then you need to reload your terminal for the changes to take effect. Did you do that?