Why is Scala IDE mentioned on the Scala homepage?

Scala IDE has not been updated for two years and it is not compatible with the current Scala version. The mailing list also does not show much activity. Yet Scala IDE is still listed on the homepage. This gives me the impression that the homepage of Scala itself is not being maintained anymore.

If this is not true (I assume it isn’t), maybe it’s a good idea to remove it?

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I think there’s a way you can send a PR to remove it

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It’s probably time to remove it from there, yeah. You can file an issue (or even better, a PR!) to remove it in the repo scala/scala-lang

Fortunately, with metals, the IDE support is better than ever.

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I opened a PR!

This is a bit off-topic, but since I have to choose another IDE now, would you say it’s better than IntelliJ? Do you know a good reference for an introduction to the tooling around Scala?

Thanks for the PR! I really enjoy working in vs code with metals, others prefer intellij. IntelliJ runs me the wrong way for reasons I can’t articulate. Many people like it plenty and it’s used broadly. Definitely give it a swing and see if it swings for you.