Who is Sam Halliday

Does Sam Halliday ever read this forum? I’ve started reading one of his books “Functional Programming for Mortals in Scalaz”? Is he interested in having feedback of typos and such?

He goes by the username @fommil. He probably doesn’t read this forum though. I heard he has “left” Scala. But I guess he might still be interested in feedback about his book.

Alas, that does seem to be the case. divorce
His opinion seems to be that after Scala 3 is released, the Scala community will be split in two (split into?) with some inevitably staying with scala 2 and some going to scala 3. It is a bit depressing to read his point of view. :frowning:

the question has a certain John Galt feel about it.

Alas, he never reads this forum.