Which API for plotting

I just want to graph some data. Not share this on the internet.
A simple API would be fine.

I’ve used breeze-viz for quick and dirty plotting. Pretty easy to work with.

I’d love to push my own plotting library (GitHub - MarkCLewis/SwiftVis2: Plotting/visualization with graphical dataflow analysis.), but I haven’t been able to put much time into it recently, so I don’t really feel comfortable doing that. When I looked at Scala plotting libraries to see what else was out there a while back, Evil Plot (GitHub - cibotech/evilplot: A Scala combinator-based plotting library.) jumped out as the library that seemed to have the best combination of support and quality output.

Breeze-viz, which was mentioned earlier, is based on JFreeChart. I find the output of JFreeChart to look horrible. SPlot and NSPL were others that seemed reasonable to me. A lot depends on your use-case. There is a decent summary that includes all of the ones mentioned here at Top 7 Scala Libraries For Data Visualisation.

There is breeze,
but also saddle.

My reply comes a bit late here.
I maintain GitHub - pityka/nspl: scala plotting library with which one can solve many data visualization tasks.

An even later reply. Consider Java plotting libraries:

Have not tried the last 2.


While I am at it, you also have the option of using JavaScript via Java. Here are 2 examples that use Plotly and Vega:


Here is another Plotly binding, but in Scala:

See also https://almond.sh/ were this is used.


One more. This one has the advantage of using Scala directly. It uses Vega.

You can find its documentation here.

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