Where to find scalatools?

I am trying to use scalameter Vers…2.13-0.21 and I keep getting an error:

scala> import org.scalameter._
import org.scalameter._

     lazy val $print: _root_.java.lang.String =  {

:5: error: Symbol ‘term org.scalatools’ is missing from the classpath.
This symbol is required by ‘class org.scalameter.ScalaMeterFramework’.
Make sure that term scalatools is in your classpath and check for conflicting dependencies with -Ylog-classpath.
A full rebuild may help if ‘ScalaMeterFramework.class’ was compiled against an incompatible version of org.

(To diagnose errors in synthetic code, try adding // show to the end of your input.)

I presume there is a jar somewhere that I can simply import to my IntelliJ IDE setup. I am not using Maven, SBT for builds, but the built-in intellij build tool.

Where can I get this library?

Thanks in advance,

It comes from https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/scala-sbt/test-interface/1.0/test-interface-1.0.jar