Where is the higher order functions list

I am a spark developer. The recent days I learned something about scala and get helps from the forum a lot. thanks.
Where can I get the list of all the higher order functions in scala? such as map, reduce, group, filter, sort etc.
Spark’s DSL has some special higher functions such as object.isin(list) while I am not sure if I can write it with scala syntax. so I want to get the reference.


We generally refer scaladoc (eg spark also has scaladoc)

eg HOF of list is available at (in below link, please give Map as search word, would show Map’s HOF…

OR better way to see Collection Hierarchy eg in 2.13.5

    Iterable[+A]    //Mutable and Immutable 
        Map[K, +V]  //Mutable and Immutable 
        Set[A]      //Mutable and Immutable 
        Seq[+A]     //Mutable and Immutable

These traits cover only the structural characteristics. The operations defined for the specific type are placed in the helper traits carrying the Ops suffix in the name. ie

IterableOnceOps[+A, +CC[_], +C]
    IterableOps[+A, +CC[_], +C]    
        MapOps[K, +V, +CC[_,_] <: IterableOps[_, AnyConstr, _], +C]  
        SetOps[A, +CC[X], +C < SetOps[A, CC, C]]      
        SeqOps[+A, +CC[_], +C]
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