When seeking latest Scala Release Candidate, googling "scala releases" is no help

When seeking latest Scala 3.4.x Release Candidate, googling “scala releases” is no help.

While the top hit does show both 3.x and 2.x Releases, it doesn’t mention RCs. Fair enough. But going down the page, none of the other suggestions found the release candidate either. I feel that’s more problematic.

An underlying issue is the naming pattern: dotty = Scala 3, scala = Scala 2. That seems to be Google search’s rough model.

I don’t want to be overly superficial, but I do feel the pervasively retained use of the non-intuitive jargon “dotty” is holding back Scala 3 from being perceived, by more casual observers, as truly Scala.

I know there is logistical effort & disruption in a migration, but I hope to see a time when https://github.com/scala/scala points at the current version of Scala :expressionless:. Are there any plans for this?

That would break too many existing links (to issues and pull requests, especially) across the web. But I would love to see lampepfl/dotty move to scala/scala3. (Perhaps we should also rename scala/scala to scala/scala2; this wouldn’t break links, as GitHub would redirect.)

The lampepfl/dotty repo is the only important place I know of where the word “dotty” is still used to refer to anything but compiler internals. Am I missing any?

Note that the thread of record on the lampepfl/dotty renaming is Migrating lampepfl/dotty to scala/scala3 - Dotty - Scala Contributors — seems stalled since 2021.