What is the best Scala linting and team standards tool?

I was wondering what are some of the best linters and code quality assurance tools that Scala developers are using?
At my team, we have been using Scalastyle, although it is quite old. Recently, I have tested out Scalafix and Scalafmt which seem to be the newer ones that use Scalameta. However, at my team, we put a big emphasis on team standards and clean code and both tools don’t feel like a good fit. We love the Scalastyle integration with Intellij and how easy it is for us to add custom rules to it.
I do not like Scalafix since the linter injects comments into the code, not sure if there is an Intellij integration that avoids code being modified?
Scalafmt seems to be more along the lines of what we could like, it looks similar to Scalastyle but with many more options.
Does anybody here have experience with Scalafmt and/or adding rules to it? If so, what are your thoughts and how tedious is it to add rules to? We have a lot of specific rules in our code style that we would like to add to it.
Thank you in advance, any help is appreciated!


scalafmt & scalafix are the gold standard to use these days in my opinion.

Also take a look at these two projects, I have not used myself but heard good things about them and hoping to take a closer look myself:

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Agreed. Also: GitHub - sksamuel/scapegoat: Scala compiler plugin for static code analysis

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