Username and Password in sbt

I want to learn KI. So I read “Grundlagen der Ku¨nstlichen Intelligenz (Entwurf) SS 06”
from “Sven Eric Panitz FH Wiesbaden Version 1. Juli 2006”.
It say’s I have to install SCALA. I do it. And I create and run project “hello-world” as an
example in " Getting Started | Scala Documentation
Getting Started | Scala Documentation"
It works fine.
Now I want create a Project “Eliza” in sbt.
But when I type the instruction “sbt new scala/Eliza.g8” the program will have a username and a password.
I don’t know where I can get the username and password. I haven’t a user.
at the install scala there was no username and password.
Can anybody help me.
I have install scala 3.4.0 under windows 10.
thank you.
kind regards Jürgen

There is no such template as “scala/Eliza.g8”, and that’s why you’re getting an error. (It’s odd that the failure mode is asking you for a username/password; maybe it’s assuming there might be a private repo at that location, and it needs your GitHub username/password in order to check that?)

With sbt new, you must use an existing template such as scala/scala3.g8. When sbt new runs, it will ask you for the name of your project (as opposed to the name of the template itself), and you can enter “Eliza” for that if you like.