Top programming languages you should try

Just wanted to share this here. Any thoughts on the other languages that are listed here? Ballerina, Julia etc?

I have a thought on that website’s UI. It’s a disaster.

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Yeah, the website is a disaster.

They forgot Elixir; otherwise the usual suspects all seem to be there.

I don’t know anything about Ballerina. From a quick glance, it doesn’t seem like it takes the philosophy I prefer (that is, they have designed a language with language support for lots of stuff; I’d rather have a language that allows libraries to support lots of stuff).

Julia is decent if you want a blend of Matlab, Python/numpy/scipi and R. You can write statically typed code if you want to, and it has good numerical libraries. If you want maximum availability of libraries, you’ll go with Python or R instead (and take the 10x performance hit for custom code).

Nobody recommends bottom programming languages.

Thanks all! Much appreciated.

Yup, Absolute disaster