The Programming in Scala book

I would like to buy a paper version of the the Programming in Scala book by Martin Odersky, but I am afraid to make a mistake because there seems to be many editions and versions. Can someone provide a list of ISBN with a list of Scala versions all examples can be compiled with. I know, for instance, that

0-9815316-1-X First Edition, Version 6 compiles with Scala version 2.7.2

Just a side question, do you normally buy a new book every new (sub) sub version appear, or are there some milestones, and one only needs to buy the book for 2.7.2, 2.13.8, 3.1.1?

You might find my question strange, but I noticed that 2.7 does not compile in 2.13 and reverse 2.13 does not compile in 2.11.

It’s very much a matter of taste, but the First Edition is downright antique at this point. Where did you find it for sale still? The official page at the publisher lists the Fourth and Fifth Editions, which are the relevant ones at this point.

There are people who buy every edition, but IMO that’s a bit excessive – for example, the Third Edition is still mostly accurate for 2.13, although some of the details are out of date.

Note that, historically, “minor” releases of Scala were actually fairly major – 2.13 was a major rev from 2.12, for example – and those versions only came out every couple of years, so it makes sense that those releases often involved new versions of the book. That seems to have shifted with Scala 3 – releases at that level are more frequent and less dramatic now, actually “minor” by a reasonable definition.