Template for creating musical scales

Is there a template for creating a sci.file that a micro tonal
scale can be be created and be exported to a midi keyboard
or Logic Pro X ? Would the values need to be entered in
cents or hz? The other variable would be the size of the
1/2 step. For traditional music is based on 12 1/2 step
tones,of 100 cents per half step completing the octave scale…
In Eastern Micro tonal music with 24 1/4 tone step tones
of 50 cents each in their scale. The Values involved are

  1. number of notes in the scale?
    2 .the size of each note in cents,.

  2. the mathematical value of each step in cents or hz.
    I am a retired composer/piano technician 70 years young
    and have spent a life time with music and don’t know if I
    could learn this program and am requesting some help
    with this matter and would be willing to pay someone for
    a template with this formula so I could enter the values
    and get into scale creation and music.

                               Thank you for your consideration

I’m sorry, but I suspect you’re in the wrong place – Scala is a general-purpose programming language, and has nothing to do with musical scales per se…

Maybe @sciss could help.

We recently discovered the setting for different tunings on our digital keyboard. I had some idea about the history, but now I realize I don’t know how sounds are supposed to sound.

Today we use A-440 cycles per second (CPS)
Comprising the octave scale of 12 1/2 steps.
Each 1/2 step has a value of 100 cents. The
Formula for tuning the notes in the octave is called " a temperament ". The accepted or how it’s supposed to sound is called " the equal temperament " which piano tuners usually tune to and is built-in to your synthesizer. There are
Earlier historical temperaments or formulas that were used for centuries that also work such as mean tone, just temperment and the Pythagorean temperment among the first
Supposedly SCALA /Java is the programming
Language used to convert these and other scale formula/the into a digital file called an zci filat can be stored in your synthesizer and can be called.up as an alternative tuning or scale which applies the selected temperament to the octave
Or scale. SCALA also has the ability to create
Formulas with less or more than 12 notes but
As a keyboard/piano tech I am only concerned
With the 12 tone scale and how to apply different temperaments and creating s sci.file thatvan be imported into a compatible synthesizer or Logic
Pro X. I hope this overvue will be helpful.

There is a topic at https://www.reddit.com/r/musictheory/comments/3p3iob/how_to_invent_your_own_musical_scales_using_scala/ which mentions our pun on scala-lang.org and also a tutorial at http://sevish.com/2015/make-a-new-musical-scale/

The main page is http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/

Another video tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO9wzMDI2tI

Thanks, this is great. My daughter won’t be happy when I say, “Fine, if you won’t practice piano, you can learn about tuning systems!”

Kind of like, “Fine, if you won’t practice coding, you can learn about type systems!”