Switching from ScalaLogging to online log service?

I have a project that uses com.typesafe.scalalogging.Logger liberally.

It was a rush to finish it so I just kept on using it, but now it needs to be launched in production, and I want the logs to be stored somewhere remotely / online where I can easily find out if any exceptions / warnings occurred without having to scour a text file on the server.

What’s the best migration strategy here? Anyone have any experience?

scala-loging is just a wrapper around SLF4J, so it should really only depend on which SLF4J implementation you are using (Logback, Log4J 2, etc.), and where you want to send your logs to - but not on scala-logging itself.

For exemple, if you use Logback as an SLF4J implementation and Loggly as a log management service, Loggly provides everything you need in their documentation (please note that I’m only using Loggly as an example - I haven’t used their service I don’t know how they compare to their competitors).