Summoning type class instances with type members

I have the following type class (similar to skunk.Twiddler):

 * A type class proving that `T` can be converted into an isomorphic Tuple of elements,
 * each of which has `IsPrimtive[x]` instance or single-element Tuple if `x` is primtive already
trait Dissect[T]:
  type Out <: Tuple

  def perform(t: T): Out

object Dissect:
  type Aux[T, O] = Dissect[T] { type Out = O }

At some point later I need to combine:

  1. Dissect[X] { type Out = (A, B) }
  2. …and Dissect[Y] { type Out = (C, D) }
  3. …to get Dissect[Z] { type Out = (A, B, C, D)}

But I cannot property extract Out from a given Dissect because type members are lost after summoning:

case class Foo(a: Int, b: String)

type T1 = Tuple.Map[(Int, Foo), Dissect]
// defined alias type T1
   = (Dissect[Int], Dissect[Foo])

Now I want to convert T1 to (Int, (Int, String)):

type IsTuple[T <: Tuple] = T
type Extract[D] <: Tuple = D match
  case Dissect.Aux[?, IsTuple[t]] => t

type T2 = Tuple.Map[T1, Extract]
// defined alias type T2
   = (Extract[Dissect[Int]], Extract[Dissect[String]])

So the compiler cannot reduce Extract[Dissect[Int]] to Int *: EmptyTuple (althought there’s such instance).

How do I get Out?