Similar Akka forum?

Do we have similar forum for Akka beginners? I could find google groups, but not a forum like this one.


The google group is the current “forum”.

Having that said, the question comes at a funny time, since we’re about to launch an forum instance on the same engine as users.scala-lang as soon as perhaps next week, please keep an eye out on and the team blog for the annoucement:


Will it cover using Akka streams and across from Java too?

There’s also Gitter.

Sorry autocorrect’ed, that was:

Will the new forum cover Akka Streams and Akka Actors for Java usage as
well or just Scala?


Java always was and still is first-class citizen in Akka, so yeah – the forum is for “Akka”, regardless which language you’re using. Akka Streams are a big part of Akka, so that’s included as well of course.

Yes, it does. Head over to :wink:

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