Semantic UI is not complete. (I want to adopt the scala.js wrapped ver.)

As we all know, Semantic UI is a rich UI library. And there is a version that is wrapped with Scala.js.
I want to use this for my primary project.
But luckily or unfortunately, I found that semantic UI lib is not complete.
Some pragmatic components are lacked.
For instance, file uploader and image uploader.
Without official encapsulation for these sets of components, I feel very uncomfortable.
Is there any third-party make up for this defect?
Hopelessly, I am really going to abandon this.
Thank you for hearing my complaint.


And the author is extremely mad.
He didn’t leave any contact for the project.
But only a donation link?

have you tried scalablytyped? it works quite well for most of my needs.

It’s exactly a good tool, but somehow not my type.
I think that every program artist has his own style.
And it’s weird to unite them together.

But thank you all the same.

Which library are you referring to?

Does my library, css-dsl, work for you?

I appreciate your masterpiece.
And I would like to use Binding.scala to instead of Vue.js.
I am just wondering about why the author of Semantic UI ignore the rich component design of file uploader and image uploader etcs.
Other UI sets like Metronic, and even the Chinese-made UI library LayUI has the complete functionality of it.