Scalafix v0.5 is out


Happy to answer any questions! :smile:

I get a “Not found” for both links.

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Whoops, bad copy-paste, fixed now. Thanks!

Congrats, very nice release!

Are there plans to allow the Scalafix linter run in IDEs? I think a roundtrip to the console is breaking the workflow. I’d like to be able to see lint warnings as I type, instead of having to go back and fix code that I’ve written just half an hour ago when trying to compile.

I too think it really needs to be integrated into the IDEs for it to become functional in daily programming. Right now, although very nice, it’s rather a tool to have fun with over the web. That can only be helpful to those of us who also develop their Scala on the web.

IDE support would definitely be great. There are no official plans to support IDEs, the main priority for my day-to-day work is to handle batch-mode refactorings through a console interface. If anyone is interested in contributing IDE support don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m playing around in my free time with an LSP implementation for Scalameta semantic API in Metadoc is meant for online code browsing however instead of iterative development workflows. I’d love to integrate with, but haven’t found the time yet. For IntelliJ, which I personally use for local development, I’d love to have something too. However, my experience with intellij-scalafmt is that IntelliJ plugins are more complicated to develop/test/release.