ScalaFiddle updated with support for Scala 2.12 and more libs

Scala 2.12 support

You can now use Scala 2.12 in addition to Scala 2.11 in

Adding support for Scala 2.12 took some time and effort as ScalaFiddle integrates closely with the Scala compiler and there were some internal changes that were not trivial to port. Thanks to Dave Gurnell and @lihaoyi for their help in this!

Moar libs

With this update a number of libraries have been added to ScalaFiddle. Cats was updated to version 1.0.0-MF followed by other FP libraries like Monix, Monocle, Matryoshka and Quicklens. If you like playing with types, you might find Refined, Spire and Squants quite useful. Additionally the upcoming Scala 2.13 collection library can be previewed using the Collection Strawman library.

ScalaFiddle also added the Kind projector compiler plugin, so you can experiment with an easier syntax for type lambdas.

If you’d like to see some other common libraries added, feel free to submit a PR updating the libraries.json file (also see Contributing guide).

Such speed!

ScalaFiddle continues to be blazing fast. Quite often it’s faster to work in ScalaFiddle than in a local Scala REPL. Using library dependencies imposes no penalty due to aggressive caching so you get to enjoy fast turn-around time for your fiddles. Typical total compilation time for a fiddle is around 200-400ms (not including network latency). has six compiler instances running at all times (two for 2.11 and four for 2.12), ensuring you’ll get access to a compiler when you need it, regardless of how many other concurrent users there are.

In addition to fast compilation, ScalaFiddle caches the results, so when you share your fiddle, other people will see the results instantaneously without generating additional load on the server.

Improved mobile UX

ScalaFiddle editor now works much better on mobile thanks to Tim Zhlobich’s PR.

For feedback use the ScalaFiddle Gitter chat or submit issues/PRs to the ScalaFiddle Editor project.

Have fun fiddling with Scala!