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Scaladoc is a documentation system that lives in the comments of Scala source code and is related to the code structure within which it is written. It is based on other comment based documentation systems like Javadoc, but with some extensions such as:

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Shouldn’t “markup” be “markdown”? “Markup” is a generic term that includes HTML, while “markdown” is the particular language.

Sadly, Scaladoc doesn’t use Markdown. Markdown didn’t even exist yet, back when Scaladoc was created.

You’re right, of course (although Markdown dates back to 2004). I was focusing on “wiki-like markup” vs HTML, but Scaladoc’s wiki-like markup is definitely not Markdown.

I got curious about the dates. Scaladoc 1 goes back to 2003; Scaladoc 2 dates to 2009. I don’t know why Markdown wasn’t chosen in 2009.