Scaladoc link anchors don't align the viewport correctly

Hello from the Apache Spark community. I am wondering if we have setup our Scaladocs incorrectly, or if there is some issue in Scaladoc itself.

Consider this permalink to Dataset.observe.

When I open it in Safari on macOS (or in Firefox, for that matter), my browser opens to this. (Sorry, I cannot embed this image here because this forum forbids new users from embedding more than one image in a post.)

Hmm, where is observe? It’s a few methods up. For whatever reason, the link anchor doesn’t take me to the method. I end up having to use my browser’s in-page search to find the thing that the permalink should have taken me straight to, which is this:

Is this a known issue with Scaladoc? Or did the Spark project somehow misconfigure how we generate our Scaladocs?