Scaladoc: ambiguous member


When using saladoc I get he following warning:

[warn] Quick crash course on using Scaladoc links
[warn] ==========================================
[warn] Disambiguating terms and types: Prefix terms with '$' and types with '!' in case both names are in use:
[warn]  - [[scala.collection.immutable.List!.apply class List's apply method]] and
[warn]  - [[scala.collection.immutable.List$.apply object List's apply method]]
[warn] Disambiguating overloaded members: If a term is overloaded, you can indicate the first part of its signature followed by *:
[warn]  - [[[scala.collection.immutable.List$.fill[A](Int)(⇒A):List[A]* Fill with a single parameter]]]
[warn]  - [[[scala.collection.immutable.List$.fill[A](Int,Int)(⇒A):List[List[A]]* Fill with a two parameters]]]
[warn] Notes:
[warn]  - you can use any number of matching square brackets to avoid interference with the signature
[warn]  - you can use \\. to escape dots in prefixes (don't forget to use * at the end to match the signature!)
[warn]  - you can use \\# to escape hashes, otherwise they will be considered as delimiters, like dots.

I tried several times to get this working and could not. So I finally created a scaladoc entry with:

 [[[scala.collection.immutable.List$.fill[A](Int)(=>A):List[A]* Fill with a single parameter]]]

And I still get the error:

 Could not find any member to link for "scala.collection.immutable.List$.fill[A](Int)(=>A):List[A]*".

So how should one disambiguate (using 2.12.3 + sbt) ?