Scala open source projects

Are there any open source projects in Scala that are currently looking for contributers? I’d like to get some practice in and see how others do things. Thanks for any recommendations.

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There’s a list if you scroll down on Scaladex, which might be a good starting point…

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We’re certainly looking for contributors at ( and would welcome anyone from absolute beginner to experienced Scala expert. Gitter channel here.

Consider contributing to Scala itself: the compiler, standard library, websites and other documentation, and modules such as scala-xml, scala-collection-compat, et al.

My talk “You Are a Scala Contributor” can help you get started; slides and video at . A few details are a bit out of date but it’s still usably current.

You can talk with other contributors at and

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Samza from LinkedIn, Scalding from Twitter are the best open source projects in Scala these are the best projects to work on spark.working on these projects will be an added advantage to your profile.

Great, I’ll check those out. Thanks.

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The scaladex is a great resource and contains a large number of scala-3 libraries. However, I was unable to find many, if any, scala-3 projects. Are there any larger projects that are currently using scala-3?


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What do you mean exactly by “larger” ?

Real world, non-trivial projects that don’t just glue together a ton of libraries.

Keep in mind, serious projects tend to be corporate, and not open source. For example, my day job has somewhere north of 500 repos of production Scala code, almost all proprietary.

But for one example, here’s my own little company: - not exactly corporate, but a big long-lived code base for a production system.