Scala Love in the City - 13th of Feb. 2021


Next week (Sat., the 13th of Feb.) we got a nice event in the community - Scala Love in the City.

The lineup is fully packed with great speakers (keynote by Martin Odersky, talks by: Alex Archambault, Alex Nedelcu, Bill Venners, Chris Jansen, Daniel Spiewak, Dean Wampler, Debasish Ghosh, Dick Wall, Filipe Regadas, Gabriele Petronella, Heather Miller, Holden Karau, Hugo van Rijswijk, Jakob Odersky, Jon Pretty, Josh Suereth, Julien Tournay, Krzysztof Romanowski, Lars Hupel, Maciej Gorywoda, Magda Stożek, Mateusz Kubuszok, Naoki Takezoe, Natan Silnitsky, Nicolas Rinaudo, Noel Welsh, Oleg Nizhnikov, Piotr Gołębiewski, Piotr Przybyl, Przemek Pokrywka, Roksolana Diachuk, Sean Glover, Seth Tisue, Wojciech Mazur).

We encourage everyone to take part, at every level of advancement. It’s worth mentioning that by buying a ticket you support NHS and Doctors Without Borders.

For everyone interested in free participation we got a promo code ‘STUDENT’.

Hope to see you all at the conference!

I really appreciate being able to attend for free as a student.

However, I’d like to support this officially. What is the normal fee (in British Pounds, it appears) I should type into the small fee window?


Nowhere do you say where the event is located! We can’t attend if we don’t know where it is.


The standard fee: it’s up to you, you decide how much you want to donate.

Location: zoom / spatialchat /discord - the event is online :slight_smile: