Scala-js-dom v1.2.0 released!

This is the first scala-js-dom release in over a year and brings many improvements and fixes. Nearly all outstanding PRs were merged (save a few that will target v2.0.0). We are very grateful to the many contributors to this release for their patience!

This release is fully binary-compatible with every 1.x release. It is published for Scala 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13 for both SJS 0.6 and 1, as well as 2.10 for SJS 0.6 only.

This release is the first under new maintainership of @japgolly and myself. Thanks to infrastructure introduced in #471 by @japgolly, the review process will be much more streamlined going forward. We look forward to your PRs!

Finally, as we approach v2.0.0 there are many opportunities to improve scala-js-dom. Please weigh in on #481 and #487 or propose an idea of your own.

Thanks again to all of our contributors! Please see the release notes for the changelist and credits.