Scala-js-dom to become more active, 2.x coming soon!

Hi everyone,

If you use Scala.js targetting browsers, it’s a given that you also use the Scala.js scala-js-dom library too. It provides a Scala API to most of the API you’ll find in browsers.

I’m writing to let you know that the scala-js-dom repo is getting new maintainers, currently myself and Arman Bilge, to help be more responsive to PRs and get releases out faster. Our immediate plan is to:

  • get all the outstanding PRs merged
  • do a new 1.x release
  • get ready for a 2.x release that supports Scala 3
  • do a big tidy up
  • release 2.0.0

If you’d like to get any breaking changes in for 2.x, now’s the time to do it!
Join us at GitHub - scala-js/scala-js-dom: Statically typed DOM API for Scala.js


David (@japgolly)


Hi all, I triaged down to 13 help wanted issues, please pitch in if you can! PRs would be much appreciated :slight_smile: personally, I’m quite worried for the documentation: