Scala job discussions

According to

Employers and job seekers can find each other in the #jobs channel of the Scala Discord.

Job postings are not allowed in our other forums and chat rooms.

The Scala Reddit has a monthly “who is hiring?” thread.

Having only two fixed single threads for Scala job discussions worldwide seems quite limiting and inconvenient to me. In contrast to, the Haskell Discourse welcomes discussions related to jobs.

How about a new Discourse forum for discussions about Scala jobs? Perhaps such a forum could even help Scala adoption?

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It’s a good idea, I hope it works out!

There are already some Scala job sites like this and this. There are also consultancy / hiring firms focused on Scala, like this and this


Unfortunately this is not so much about what makes sense (your suggestion) but about internet trends: Discord and Reddit are by far the most heavily used platforms by recruiters / job posters / job seekers (“two fixed single threads” while technically true, is really far from it, I take it you’re not a user of these platforms). Not sure if they would pay attention to any Discourse forums… because the other platforms have way more users and activity, and Discourse is seen more as a simple question / answer kind of thing. (I love Discourse and prefer it to the other platforms…)

Another consideration is maintenance. Specialized job related sites appear and disappear fairly quickly and frequently. (Just writing this post, I went through quite a few bookmarks that are now dead!) I think Scala Center is already fairly short-staffed, but maybe they could do it? :heart: