Scala IDE for eclipse 馃寘

The Scala IDE for eclipse has not been updated in 5 years. We are planning to take the website offline in 30 days from now.

I uploaded the latest stable and milestone releases to GitHub: Releases 路 scala-ide/scala-ide 路 GitHub.

I鈥檓 also planning to change the default branch on GitHub to a short readme.

Please let me know you have concerns or suggestions. Let鈥檚 also remember the contributors and the value Scala IDE brought to the community at its time :pray: Maybe somebody will prompt ChatGPT to write a poem about it?


The Scala IDE, a work of art,
Built by those with a passion for smart,
Code and design, they crafted with care,
A tool that developers everywhere could share.

But now, alas, it must be laid to rest,
Discontinued, it will no longer be the best,
But let us not forget the contributors of old,
Who played a part in the story that鈥檚 been told.

Their names we鈥檒l keep in our hearts,
For the work they did, it was truly smart,
They鈥檒l be remembered for their dedication,
And the Scala IDE鈥檚 legacy of innovation.

So here鈥檚 to the contributors, one and all,
Who gave their time, and gave their all,
For though the IDE may be gone,
Their memory will live on.


I remember when starting with Scala years ago, IDE for Eclipse was the best environment available for it from my point of view.

Thank you and all contributors for the work you put into it.