Scala for web without frameworks

Good evening … I’m new to the community and I apologize for my stupid questions. I come from the php world and use php without a framework is pretty simple. I already played a little with python through django but if I wanted to use python without framework I would use it with wsgi etc … but what about scala? How can I use scala without frameworks? … I did a search on the internet but all the related issues were using frameworks mainly the Play Framework. Could someone give me some tips? Could anyone share their experiences with me? thank you so much.

Maybe you can say a bit more about what you are looking for. Like, why
"no framework", or why not Play?

The closest equivalent to PHP would be JavaServer Pages, and you can’t
put Scala in the front, but you can use a Java facade in front of Scala
code. I’m not sure I would recommend that, but it is the closest equivalent
to PHP.

If you are less into writing web pages for people, but want to provide
HTTP to communicate with apps, Spray is good.

Apart from that, I like Play.

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Beyond the Play Framework … what are the most popular scala frameworks ?? Do you know their performance against other frameworks ?? (Example: Play x Rails x Django x laravel) … thanks a lot for the patience …

What I want to do is a mobile app … but before I want to do a web service with scala. In future I will also make a website for this project but not now. I want my application to have exceptional performance and I’m worried about using framework and not having the performance I expect. What would you recommend me? is long since EOLd; the successor project is akka-http. This lets you start by writing simple http request-to-response functions (lower-level) or use a routing DSL (higher level), without any other framework-y component.

(In case the name akka-* confuses you, it’s called that because it’s built on top of akka-streams, which in turn is implemented using the more familiar akka actors. But you don’t need to write or interface with actors to use akka-http.)


You can also use Akka http or Unfiltered

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thanks …verryyyyyyy thankssssss

veryyy thankssssss…

The Play Framework would serve me for this project, but by not knowing it and seeing few people using it I do not know if it performs well. Anyone who has ever used Play could tell me if he has a good performance?

I think taking a look at this:, would give you a good
idea. If you need more scale/performance than LinkedIn, Coursera, The
Guardian and Samsung’s IoT platform…perhaps something else may be
better. I’m not stating that any of these websites are the best of breed
or not, but they are simply large, live at scale and use Play/Scala. it is
also used and professionally supported by the company that brings you
Scala, Lightbend.

I use it at work, but i’m not working on a site that gets the traffic of
any of these, so i’m not going to speak personally, but have load tested
our code on EC2 mediums and the throughput is great and our application is
rather heavy.

There is a learning curve, but once you get used to its paradigms, i think
you’ll find its the best out there, or damn close to it.



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very thanks friends…I’ll play…xd