Scala.collection.parallel missing from Vers. 2.13.3?

I am running Scala Vers. 2.13.3 in Intellij IDEA 2022.3. The package scala.collection.parallel appears to be missing from the Scala installation. I found the scaladoc for scala.collection.parallel and it indicates, if I read the doc correctly, it should’ve been in Vers. 2.12.4, which, if true, would indicate to me that it should also be in later versions, correct? Is this the fault of the IDE or was the package dropped from a later version?

The Scala Standard Library was considerably reorganized in 2.13, and parts of it were pulled out into external modules. See this page for more information.

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See also Release Scala 2.13.0 · scala/scala · GitHub, which is a gold mine of information on what changed between Scala 2.12 and 2.13.