Scala coding practice

Hi Team,

I am new to scala. Please provide direction on practicing scala coding . Please provide some link where I can get good exercises

Scala Exercises is probably helpful for you. I’d probably say start with the “Scala Tutorial”, and then move on to “Std Lib”.


Project Euler provides a huge bundle of math / algorithmic problems that are aimed to be solved with programming. A question need to be answered with a simple literal answer (usually a number), but getting to that answer is where programming comes in handy.

Again, the problems are more of an algorithmic nature, and are not intended to be solved with any particular programming language, but it could give you some things to do.

Note that a registration is required (no email though).

Alas, I’m not familiar with any particular (free) source with good exercises for Scala. I myself learned Scala “on the job”, while having earlier experience with (mostly) Java.

In the same vein, you can solve the Advent of Code puzzles in Scala. They’re pretty fun, and IIRC they start out relatively easy and get harder with every puzzle.


See also this topic: Practice exercises

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+1 for Advent of Code, that’s my common aproach to exercise new programming languages.

Something similar: Project Euler.