Scala 3 macros, extension methods, and slick

Here’s a program I’m trying to write using Macros to fetch the schemas from an object containing slick table defintions. The table definitions look like

object TableDefinitions {

class LocationPictureURLsTable(tag: Tag) extends Table[(Long, java.lang.String)](tag, "LocationPictureURLs") {
  def id = column[Long]("id", O.PrimaryKey, O.AutoInc)
  def value = column[java.lang.String]("value")
  def * = (id, value)
  val query = TableQuery[LocationPictureURLsTable]

import slick.jdbc.PostgresProfile.api._
import scala.quoted._

object DDLGenerator {
  inline def generateDDL[T]: Unit = ${ generateDDLImpl[T] }

  private def generateDDLImpl[T: Type](using Quotes): Expr[Unit] = {
    import quotes.reflect._

    val tableDefs = TypeRepr.of[T].typeSymbol.declaredTypes
      .filter(_.typeRef.baseClasses.exists(_.fullName == "slick.lifted.Table"))

    val ddlStatementsExprs = { tableSymbol =>
      val tableName =

      val companionModule = tableSymbol.companionModule
      val querySymbol = companionModule.declaredMethods.find( == "query").get
      val queryExpr = Ref(querySymbol).asExprOf[TableQuery[?]]

        val createIfNotExistsAction = $queryExpr.schema.createIfNotExists
        val ddlStatements = createIfNotExistsAction.statements
        val fileName = s"./src/main/scala/org/example/sql/$tableName.sql"
        println(s"Writing DDL statements for $tableName to $$fileName")
        val output = new

    Expr.block(ddlStatementsExprs.toList, '{ () })

  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    println("Start generating table definitions")
    println("End generating table definitions")

But I get the following error:

value schema is not a member of slick.lifted.TableQuery[?]
        val createIfNotExistsAction = $queryExpr.schema.createIfNotExists

Does anyone know how I might go about resoving this ?? I think using Scala 2 runtime reflection and it might have been easier to attempt this.

It looks like schema should be an extension method possibly resolved through importing Slick 3.5.0 - slick.jdbc.PostgresProfile . However we have the value schema is not a member of slick.lifted.TableQuery[?] issue.

Is there an issue with Scala 3 methods and loading the extension method? Or am I missing something in the application?

This has been asked without resolution in Discord