Scala 3 guidance?

Is there a single point of entry to keep up with the language changes for dotty and Scala 3?

Even though it’s still early, it would be handy to have a reference page of current thinking, even if the results aren’t final. I don’t necessarily have time to follow all the dotty discussions.

For example, I just learned that Scala’s accommodation of empty parens (as in def toString = ???) will be rejected in favor of strict parens.

I’ve already heard that explicit types on implicits will be required. But I don’t know how I know that. So a reference page is useful just as a reference.


The “Reference” section of the Dotty documentation should help, particularly the subsections “Changed Features” and “Dropped Features”: . Although this only contains what is currently implemented in Dotty, not what has been discussed but not implemented, but I’m not aware of more features that are planned to be dropped or changed significantly at the moment.

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