Scala(3)doc notes / help?

I have an unfinished but ongoing hobby project, which leans into new scala(3)doc for mill projects.

Firstly, I really like the direction of new scaladoc. Seeing the API side by side with the docs is very helpful, and it encourages actual writing of scaladoc in my projects, which I was kind of lazy on in the past.

I love the snippet compiler - which I think might be a massively under-advertised feature I wasn’t aware of, until I actually starting using the scaladoc.

During the process of playing with scaladoc and new plugin, and actually documenting some stuff, I made the following three observations

Project flag
I couldn’t get this flag, to work? Would it be expected to?

In this page, the “projectVersion” flag, does work, but the “project” flag, not - I was expecting it to resolve to {{projectTitle}}

Could I be missing something obvious?

Cross platform API?
My test cross builds a JS and JVM api. They are potentially (sligthly) different, but I can’t find the JS API.

Would it be expected to be included / visible somehow? I couldn’t see anything in the docs.

Default Selection of docs vs API
The default selection of the docs page, takes me to the API.

In the case of a library, I would imagine the user going to the carefully crafted “getting started” docs page, rather than hitting them over the head, with the (potentially intimidating) API.

Can this default landing be easily configured? I couldn’t see in the scaladoc-docs.