Scala 3 by Example - better Semigroup and Monoid

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a slide deck that I made a couple of weeks ago. If this kind of post is not welcome please let me know. The slides can look a bit grainy when viewed on the slideshare site but if you download the deck you will get the slides as they are meant to be seen - it really is worth seeing the originals.

“As a pretext for learning the basics of some new Scala 3 features, we take two very simple Semigroup and Monoid typeclasses and make them a bit better by migrating them to Scala 3.”


Great stuff, very welcome!

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On the contrary, keep it coming.


Brian Maso

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I can’t find solid accurate information on this. Is Scala 3 really going to remove all brackets and entirely change the language syntax? Is this optional?The brackets help IDE’s. I can click a bracket and the ending bracket is highlighted. How will the new Scala work in IDE’s Anyone have reliable links?

Have you already seen this?

No I have not thanks.