Scala 2.13.13 is here!

The Scala team at Lightbend is proud to announce Scala 2.13.13.

This release adds binary integer literals, adds -Xsource:3-cross for crossbuilt projects, improves compatibility with JDK 21 and 22, supports Scala 3.4, and more.

For details, refer to the release notes on GitHub.


We’ve added this to the “Known issues” section:

  • Some library authors who were already using -Xsource:3 are getting MiMa failures when upgrading to 2.13.13 and switching from -Xsource:3 to -Xsource:3-cross. If you’re in this situation, you may need to wait for 2.13.14; see scala/bug#12961
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A new section of the Scala 3 Migration Guide documents -Xsource:3 and -Xsource:3-cross: Scala 2 with -Xsource:3 | Scala 3 Migration Guide | Scala Documentation

This is also now linked from the 2.13.13 release notes.


The new boolean-literals lint in 2.13.13 (see release notes) has been at least somewhat controversial; I suspect we will adjust it for 2.13.14. You can give feedback on how you think we should proceed here: Demote -Xlint:named-booleans to -Wnamed-literal and tweak noise level by som-snytt · Pull Request #10704 · scala/scala · GitHub