Scala 2.12 end-of-life date

Is there a planned end-of-life date for the 2.12.X version series of Scala? We’re currently migrating some projects from the 2.11 version, and we’d like to know about this date since Databricks only supports the 2.12 version in the latest release.

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2.12 is only receiving light maintenance these days, but there is no plan to stop merging 2.12 PRs or stop doing releases as the need arises for them, especially if new compatibility concerns arise.


I have to use 2.12 since spark 3 is still developed by 2.12. Thanks

I hope lightbend organize a date for everyone to go out for a meal and an end-of-life celebration.

It doesn’t have to be like a “date”, but just a meal. Maybe brunch?


Spark 3.2.0 (released in Oct 2021) supports Scala 2.13. I’m sure Databricks will support Scala 2.13 in time.

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for spark 3.2.0 you still need to use scala 2.12 when submitting jobs. otherwise you will get different errors.

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