Scala installation / usage instructions

At the page below;

is the following text;

Get started with sbt
sbt is a popular build tool for Scala projects.
With sbt, you don’t need to download and install Scala.
Just set scalaVersion in your build definition,
and sbt will retrieve that version

I have a working application already and thought I would test it with 2.13
And so I altered the scalaVersion attribute to;

But all I get is a whole lot of;

[info] Resolving;1.3.0 …
[warn] module not found:;1.3.0

I assume I need to add a repository to find milestone releases - which is fine - but is not mentioned anywhere at;


You can only use libraries that have been published for 2.13.0-M1. That’s what means when it says “This release is not binary compatible with the 2.12.x series”.

Most libraries aren’t available for 2.13 yet, since it’s still so early in the 2.13 cycle. You can use to keep track of what libraries are available.

Of course - Sorry…

Let’s just blame it on being late at night - or nopt enough coffee…
For some reason I just jumped straight to : “Scala can be found and downloaded”…

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