Sbt pull svn repository

I have a project that needs to integrate an external project. However that external project doesn’t publish artifact to public maven repository. After searching a while, I notice sbt provides access to external repository through ProjectRef.

ProjectRef(uri("git://domain/project-name.git"), "project_name")

But then I found that external project is managed by svn. Is ProjectRef also working with svn? I tried with

lazy val external_project = ProjectRef(uri("svn://"), "external_project")

But it throws error No project 'external_project' in 'svn://' after adding the external project to the root as below

lazy val root = project
  .settings(skip in publish := true)
  .aggregate(docs, examples, external_project)

Generally what’s recommendation way to integrate svn repository? Makefile? Any other suggestions? Thanks

I would guess the simplest would be to “clone” (not sure which is the correct term with sub-version) the external module and publish it locally so you can use it.

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That looks like the only way to go. Thanks for the advice!