Requests-Scala: a Scala port of the Python Requests HTTP Client


I just published a new HTTP client library, Requests-Scala:

This is a shameless class-by-class, method-by-method port of the popular Python Requests HTTP client to Scala.

If you’ve used Python and like Requests, or you’ve used other Scala HTTP clients and want for something better, try it out!


Intriguing. Just to confirm: this is basically all blocking calls, right?

My impression is that it looks really nice for scripting, but I’d be cautious about using it for anything large-scale due to threading. (And probably doesn’t work in Scala.js due to the blocking?)

If they wanted to port a Python lib that was similar but nonblocking they would have ported requests-threads, grequests, or requests-futures.

Still if we wanted to use this lib for its nice syntax and straightforwardness, we could do something like use an Akka actor for each request, then the blocking would be explicitly handled, right?