Release: ScalaMock 3.6.0

Hi everyone.

We have just released ScalaMock 3.6.0 which is the latest release in the established 3.x series.
As usual, it is available from Maven Central.
Also new are regular snapshot builds available on OSS Sonatype:
If you depend on an unreleased fix, or want to help test the next release version, you are welcome to use these builds.

Official website:

Or, if you are in a hurry - a very quick README:

New in ScalaMock 3.6.0

  • feature: Fail fast for excessive mock calls feature low #55
  • fixed: Unrecognised structure: Ident(TermName(“parseSentenceFn”)) on refactoring #113
  • fixed: missing implicit Defaultables when constructing some mocks #29
  • fixed: Unable to mock val in a trait feature #148
  • fixed: Cannot access docs bug #181
  • fixed: Mixing MockFactory into AsyncFunSpec results in empty test suite #156
  • dropped support for JDK 7
  • publish to sonatype instead of bintray
  • publish snapshot builds to sonatype