RasterFrames 0.8.3 Released

RasterFrames provides a DataFrame-centric view over arbitrary Earth-observation (EO) data, enabling spatiotemporal queries, map algebra raster operations, and compatibility with the ecosystem of Apache Spark ML algorithms. It provides APIs in Python, SQL, and Scala, and can scale from a laptop computer to a large distributed cluster, enabling global analysis with satellite imagery in a wholly new, flexible, and convenient way.

Changes in 0.8.3

  • Updated to GeoTrellis 2.3.3 and Proj4j 1.1.0.
  • Fixed issues with LazyLogger and shading assemblies (#293)
  • Updated rf_crs to accept string columns containing CRS specifications. (#366)
  • Breaking (potentially): removed pyrasterframes.create_spark_session in lieu of pyrasterframes.utils.create_rf_spark_session

Full release notes are available here: https://rasterframes.io/release-notes.html