RasterFrames 0.7.0 has been released

RasterFrames is now an incubating project under the Eclipse Foundation LocationTech. So please note the updated GroupID:

"org.locationtech.rasterframes" %% "rasterframes" % "0.7.0"

Release Notes for 0.7.0

  • Now an incubating project under Eclipse Foundation LocationTech! GitHub repo moved to locationtech/rasterframes.
  • PySpark support! See pyrasterframes/python/README.rst to get started.
  • Exposed Spark JTS spatial operations in Python.
  • Added RasterFrames-enabled Jupyter Notebook Docker Container package. See deployment/README.md for details.
  • Updated to GeoMesa version 2.0.1.
  • Added convertCellType, normalizedDifference mask and inverseMask operations on tile columns.
  • Added tile column + scalar operations: localAddScalar, localSubtractScalar, localMultiplyScalar, localDivideScalar
  • Added rasterize and reprojectGeometry operations on geometry columns.
  • Added for for writing GeoTIFFs from RasterFrames via DataFrameWriter.
  • Added spark.read.geotrellis.withNumPartitions(Int) for setting the initial number of partitions to use when reading a layer.
  • Added spark.read.geotrellis.withTileSubdivisions(Int) for evenly subdividing tiles before they become rows in a RasterFrame.
  • Added experimental package for sandboxing new feature ideas.
  • Added experimental GeoJSON DataSource with schema inferfence on feature properties.
  • Added Scala, SQL, and Python tile-scalar arithmetic operations: localAddScalar, localSubtractScalar, localMultipyScalar, localDivideScalar.
  • Added Scala, SQL, and Python tile functions for logical comparisons both tile-tile and tile-scalar variants: localLess, localLessEqual, localGreater, localGreaterEqual, localEqual, and localUnequal.
  • Added SlippyExport
    experimental feature for exporting the contents of a RasterFrame as a SlippyMap
    tile image directory structure and Leaflet/OpenMaps-enabled HTML file.
  • Added experimental DataSource implementations for MODIS and Landsat 8 catalogs on AWS PDS.
  • Change: Default interpoation for toRaster and toMultibandRaster has been changed from Bilinear to NearestNeighbor.
  • Breaking: Renamed/moved astraea.spark.rasterframes.functions.CellStatsAggregateFunction.Statistics to
  • Breaking: HistogramAggregateFunction now generates the new type astraea.spark.rasterframes.stats.CellHistogram.
  • Breaking: box2D renamed envelope.