Question on xml to json with weePickle or uPickle

Is someone working with weePickle or uPickle.
They are supposed to be able to convert xml file to json but I didn’t find the right way to do that.
Could someone tell me how to do that if it is possible ?

Howdy! I’m a little involved with the weePickle project.

The XML aspect is a little aspirational, I’m afraid – it should be straightforward in theory, but nobody’s actually done it yet. (weePickle is still fairly new, and the details are filling out.) In principle, somebody just needs to add a binding to jackson-dataformat-xml, likely similar to the one that’s already in weePickle for YAML. But we don’t do much with XML at Rally, so nobody in-house has done so.

A PR to add an XML module would be welcomed, but that probably doesn’t help you right this minute. (But if you’d like to tackle it, I’m sure folks would be happy to help you do so.)

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