Question about: match may not be exclusive

The scala compiler warns that a particular match may not be exclusive. But I believe it is. It tells me the object List() is a failure example. First question is: What is List() ?

Second question, can someone help me understand why the match is not exclusive and how I should fix it?
The reason I think it is indeed an exclusive match is because the first element of the list may only be (,In) or (,Out). Perhaps I’ve defined the enumerated type incorrectly?
I copied the Enumeration example from

The offending line is marked with ///// HERE <—
Thanks anyone for the help.

object mainapp {

  def TestExclusive(a:Array[Int]):Int = {
    object Direction extends Enumeration {
      type Direction = Value
      val In, Out = Value
    import Direction._
    type Event = (BigInt,Direction)

    def cmpPair(p1:Event,p2:Event):Boolean = (p1,p2) match {
      case ((r1, c1), (r2, c2)) =>
        if (r1 == r2)
          (c1, c2) match {
            case (In,Out) => true
            case _ => false
          r1 < r2
    def encodeEvents(pair:(Int,Int)):List[Event]= {
      pair match {
        case (radius,center)=>List((BigInt(center)-radius,In),(BigInt(center)+radius,Out))
    val events:List[Event] = a.zipWithIndex.flatMap(encodeEvents).sortWith(cmpPair).toList
    val maxIntersections = 10000000 // if number of intersections exceeds this, return -1

    def handleEvents(events:List[Event],active:Int,intersecting:BigInt):Int = {
      if (intersecting > maxIntersections)
          case (_, In) :: tail => handleEvents(tail, active + 1, intersecting + BigInt(active))
          case (_, Out) :: tail => handleEvents(tail, active - 1, intersecting)
          case Nil => intersecting.toInt

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Not my area of expertise, but I suspect the problem may be the definition of Direction. Scala’s current Enumeration type isn’t much-loved, for a variety of reasons – IIRC, one of those reasons is that it doesn’t participate in exhaustiveness checking. So you might want to redefine Direction as a sealed trait instead; that might provide enough clue to the compiler.

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Yep, pattern matching exhaustivity analysis does not know about Enumeration, sadly:

Ironically, it does know about sealedness of Java enums :slight_smile: Sealed classes are checked for exhaustivity. (In Scala 3 there will be language support for enums/ADTs.)

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And it shouldn’t know about it either, not only because that’s special casing some privileged data type, but also the sadness related to

If they swipe left, the match may not be exclusive.

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