"Properties" Link on Custom Collection Documentation

Hi @julienrf , on https://docs.scala-lang.org/overviews/core/custom-collections.html#appendix-methods-to-overload-to-support-the-same-result-type-principle there is a link properties of Seq but I cannot find the properties there. Was it please possible to add them?

Hello, I don’t see the “properties of Seq” link that you are mentioning, can you elaborate?

Can you find the sentence " However, some … are not satisfied" in the fourth paragraph?

Thanks, I got it. Indeed, it would be nice to enumerate the properties in the Seq documentation page. I’m afraid I won’t have time to do that, though. In case you’re interested to do it, I’m happy to review the PR!

Thank you for the assumption I was able to do that but I’m not sure. I asked you because I was interested in the response not only for Seq but also for the other collection types.
These laws are really important to be considered when choosing the right type so what about delegating the task to someone else?
Yet another option is you delegate something else to me that I can perform for sure and use your time saving for this…:slight_smile: Any volunteers reading this?

Actually, you can find a lot of laws in this project: https://github.com/Ichoran/scala-collection-laws/blob/master/laws/src/main/scala/Laws.scala

(But it’s not really a documentation page that explains the purpose of each law…)

Seems to be an excellent starting point, indeed.