Programming in Scala 3rd vs 2nd edition


I have got 2nd edition of ‘Programming in Scala’. 3rd edition is also available in market.
How much is the difference between the two?

Mainly that the 3rd edition covers Scala 2.12, so it’s been updated with a number of new features. You can find the list of new/updated topics on the book’s homepage.


Thanks for the link.

The difference is about 26 bucks american at powells, new vs used.

Last time it took them a couple of months to come out with an ePub version. I wonder how ePublishing has changed since then?

The link calls it the “staircase book”, but I think of it as the “flower book”. Does anyone know what kind of flower that is? I imagine it is something tropical that flourishes in Lausanne. If Scala still needs a mascot, I would nominate those florets, who look like that have little arms raised in jubilation. Probably the photo was taken around the time of a Scala release. I can almost hear their tiny voices going, “Whee!”