Productivity, design and conciseness of Scala

I came across this survey

" What are the best (productivity-enhancing, well-designed, and concise, rather than just popular or time-tested) programming languages?"

and it suggests that some people find Scala less productivity-enhancing, worse design, and less concise than F#, C#, or python. What are your thoughts? Is scala productive and well design and should be higher on this list? Are Scala experts as productive as F# or C#? Will scala 3 be even better? Why people rated scala this way?

Raters gonna rate.

I find scala to have nice productivity advantages over the mentioned languages, especially in ease of refactorings.


I suspect that survey of having been filled out by people who have heard things about Scala, rather by people who have used it to do things.

Something like the Stack Overflow annual survey is probably more useful.


Putting that another way: languages like Python are typically more efficient for writing code. But the initial writing is the least important part of serious software – efficiency and reliability of maintaining code is usually far more important in the long run. In my experience (I’ve worked professionally in several dozen languages), Scala is the most maintainable of all languages I’ve encountered…


Did you tried F# or Elixir and what do you think of them versus Scala?

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