Prerequisites for Martin Odersky Scala course

I am experienced in Python.
I have a basic understanding of Java, C and Scala.

To understand Scala, should I start off with Martin Odersky’s Scala course on coursera? I had taken a brief look at it a few months ago and it seemed a little difficult.
Are there any prerequisites I should be knowing before I start this course?

The first course, “Functional Programming Principles in Scala”, should not require any specific knowledge in before. They recommend one year of programming experience, but not necessarily in Scala.

If I remember correctly, all Scala syntax is explained when it is first used. The course is using a functional approach, so it will be a bit more difficult if you have mostly written procedural / imperative code, but I still think it is a good place to start with Scala.

I would suggest also having the Odersky/Venners/Spoon book (“Programming in Scala” from Artima) on hand for those times when you want something that takes more time and goes into more detail about language stuff than Martin has time to do in the course lectures.

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It’s an excellent course, and it’s purposedly designed towards beginners. However, it is hard. Don’t feel discouraged. My ego got a bit bruised by that course.

For beginners, blog by Alvin Alexander is also very useful